Pixel Meet Market

If you’re an art aficionado or a gamer geek (or both!) then you should have joined us for a unique pixel art exhibition at Ironhack!

Attendees had the chance to discover the artwork of local and international talents such as JaeBum Joo (Korea), PixelFleeces(Italia), Pep Puerta (Spain), Pixeltier (Austria) and Designatius(Spain), and buy their limited editions and merchandising.


We had beers, arcade machines offered by FactoryArcade , live music by Dj Freshcuts and rare gaming installations!

The event has been made possible by our sponsors: GameBCNIronhack and La Sedici


Videogames and Computers in the ’80

During this event we will have the pleasure to listen to Mev Dinc, award-winning veteran of the games industry, Ignasi Medà Calvet, PhD candidate researching on the social and cultural impact of 8bits videogames in Spain (1983-1992), and Iñaki Díaz, pixel artist and co-founder of indie studio Appnormals Team.

They will talk about different aspects of the golden age of video games, including social, artistic and technological aspects.

After the talks we will have some games displayed, food and beer, to make the networking time just awesome.

And Freshcuts will be DJing music that sampled video games and some of the originals!

Games and the time machine: retro gaming today

Retro gaming is very much alive and well, and many series that were created 20, 30 or more years ago, still live on today, both in their original and innovative form. Three game creators will make us discover how retro games can be reinvented. After the talks, stay with us for playing a few cool games while enjoying some beers! It’s FREE ^__^

The princess is in another castle… sure she is… actually at IronHack! 

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18h30-19h15: Talks

Iñaki Díaz. ‘Retro games of the future: the new pixel art’
Joan Mora Guiard.Retro games adapted to new interfaces’
Alberto Betella. ‘From a concept to the store: how to create a mobile game in less than 1 month with no budget’


19h15-21h: Cervezas + gaming

Event powered by Retrogaming BCN 

Healthy Appetizers by Delhicioso!